Memo Board & Tea Dyeing

A week ago I realized that I needed something to organize myself since I’ve been having lots of things in my mind lately but I didn’t want an agenda. I wanted to do something I’d see everyday calling me. What more than a huge board? From there on I all these ideas started flowing through my head! I grabbed a huge panel of old styrophoam and gave it a good clean. I just used hot water and dishwater detergent and it came out pretty well.
After this, I needed a fabric to cover it but all my fabric was too small to cover it. Then I remembered something I wanted to try for a long time! Tea Dyeing! I had one old white bedsheet and decided to dye it 🙂 I’m no means expert but it came out amazing, here’s what I did: I boiled water then added the teabags and let it boil for 10 minutes, then I added the fabric let it boil for more 10 minutes then let it sit overnight. Before going to bed I added some vinegar. Then in the next morning I took all the water out and put in the washing machine with a bowl of salt. I had lots of different tea and since I saw here that there are different fixatives I did them all (used both salt and vinegar). I wanted to be sure it’d actually dye and I think I did well 🙂
Once the memo board was done all I had to do is start organizing myself 🙂
Painted a huge calendar in watercolors. Painted a few papers then cut strips out of them. Blog posts are in blue and pink are projects that need to be finished.

I like to have some idea about what I’ll blog about but it doesn’t mean I’m a total slave to the schedule. As you can see only today I’m talking about tea dyeing and I was planning on doing it this Friday. The white papers are daily lists with a few tasks that need to be done that day.

Here’s the complete picture of my memo board, I love it! It keeps me very organized! After the calendar, there are lists of things to keep in mind, ideas that I’ve that I don’t want to forget, things I’ve to do in my blog, a little bit about everything 😀

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