Getting Real

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I read this article today and I wanted to talk about it. Follow my passion. Since I’m in 7th grade I dream to be someone related to computer science. Being a webdesigner, a programmer, were my dreams before I entered in college. I still entered college with that wish but I’m continously having less desire to finish my bachelor. It’s sad but it’s true. I’m not going to lie because I actually like my classes, I think they’re interesting (at least the ones that I believe are worth something) but when I need to study they’re not as interesting and nothing really matters to me. I feel tired all the time, I’ve good days but I also have days when all I want is my day to end. When I read the article I saw how well it applied to me and I believe it’s true. I don’t see myself capable of working in this competitive world knowing that there are so many more intelligent people than me. It’s impressive when I think of myself a few years ago, couldn’t wait to start working with computers, always hoping to be studying this and now I just don’t feel like it. But I’m no quiter, I’ll finish my bachelor. We’ll see how it goes, maybe I’ll like more to work on this than I think. Reading these kind of articles makes me stronger because I feel like I’m not alone anymore.

My posts are usually pretty happy and positive but I’m human and I’m not perfect. I just wanted to talk about it. In a totally different note I just can’t wait to show some of the projects I’m working on! I’m totally excited!

3 thoughts on “Getting Real

  1. Hello!!!!
    Então? Há dias assim!
    Quantas vezes pensei assim quando estava na fauldade! Mas ainda bem que acabei o curso. É óbvio que a minha profissão não é um mar de rosas, mas há dias em fico verdadeiramente feliz com o que consigo transmitir (noutros, nem por isso!!!).Nunca se sabe o que é verdadeiramente melhor! Mas francamente acho que o teu curso tem saídas fantásticas e se conseguires conciliar com os teus interesse e capacidades ( a tua criatividade, a tua riqueza interior, o teu poder de escrita, o conhecimento das línguas…) poderás concretizar os teus sonhos.
    Tenho a certeza que o teu futuro será sorridente, porque trabalhas para isso e porque o mereces. Beijinhos.

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