Happy New Year And Let’s fight!

Happy New Year And Let’s fight!

This was a photo I took some months ago while taking a scroll in Braga. I love what it says. “Olha para a tua vida e diz que futuro vês” means “Look at your life and tell me what kind of future you see”.
I truly believe that if you want something in your life you’ve to fight for it. There are no given things in life. That sucks I know that (too well actually). So if we don’t like something in your life we are the ones that need to change that. Right now what do you see in your future? Do you like it? No? So change it.
That’s my message for the new year. Let’s give your best!
Happy New Year 2013 everyone!

P.S. -> I’m thinking in getting a domain for this blog but I’m not sure what kind of name to give it. Any suggestions are welcome!

2 thoughts on “Happy New Year And Let’s fight!”

  • I’ve had many domains 😉 My suggestion is to get something that will stick — don’t necessarily name the domain after the blog name, because you may want to do side projects and so on, or if you ever change the name of your blog you’ll be stuck with a domain name that matches the OLD name… So what I tend to do is find something generic (like wherewerewe :p) that I like the sound of, and then every blog/site/whatever on it has its own name. 🙂

    • I agree! Love Tears is definitely something generic but I want to find something else. This domain doesn’t seem right to me anymore which is super weird but I guess we all grow up 😀

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