Book Nerd – Bleach Dyeing – Recycle an old t-shirt!

Book Nerd – Bleach Dyeing – Recycle an old t-shirt!

Combining my love for reading and for easy diy projects, I dyed an old t-shirt that I rarely used with bleach.
Statement t-shirts are kinda of cool and this was the final result:

I saw many of these projects around the internet but only now I decided to actually do something! I saw lots of blog posts about it but my references were: here and here. Have you also noticed the shorts? I cut some old jeans from my mother I made some shorts out of it. They’ll be great for the summer!
To be honest I was a little bit less worried about neatness and just cut some paper and placed where I wanted the letters to be, I didn’t use any duct tape or contact paper xD My mix was about 1 bleach for 2 water. I just left it in the sun until I got the result I wanted.

I think I’m going to do more of these with other words! I love that I have a t-shirt that says “book nerd” 🙂 Give bleach dyeing also a try!

13 thoughts on “Book Nerd – Bleach Dyeing – Recycle an old t-shirt!”

  • Caaaath!
    Tudo bem, menina?

    Não sei se você lembra de mim e tal, mas eu vou refrescar a sua memória – pelo menos um pouco.
    Sou a Malluh, atualmente conhecida como Malu Dini. Eu fazia dolls com você, tanto que me ensinou a fazer vetorização/colorização! <3
    Dou graças a você muita coisa que aprendi no photoshop *o*
    Eu tinha um subdominio com o seu domínio também…
    Espero que eu não tenha passado por esquecida =(

    Sonhei com você hoje, sonhei que tinha falado contigo depois de muito tempo. Bateu uma nostalgia e eu fui correndo procurar por você assim que acordei <3 E te achei. Ainda bem que o blog ainda tá no ar! *O* Vou fuçar mais por aqui hehehe.

    Tem facebook? Msn? gostaria de voltar a ter contato com você.

    Malu Dini

  • Love this, I think I’ll introduce it to my fellow campers this weekend.. Just curious though, did the cleach leak when you washed the t-shirt afterwards?

    • No, I rinsed it after applying the bleach and when I washed (in the washing machine) it the bleach didn’t leak 🙂

  • This is so cute! The graduate student organization I’m in is actually thinking of using this methods for our t-shirts! One question, though: what kind of paper did you use to make your stencils?

    • I used regular printer paper, some use contact paper but since I didn’t want to have too much trouble I used regular paper and it came out just fine 🙂 As long as you don’t have wind where you’re doing it you’ll be fine. If you end up doing some thing with this I’d love to see it!

  • I used chipboard letters/shapes that I bought at a craft store for about $3. They lay heavier, plus you can reuse them. Love this idea! My kids are making shirts today!

  • Thank you for this. I bought some red t-shirts a few years ago with the intention of marking them with an non-profit’s name. Stenciling seemed like a lot of work and I never got at it, however.
    This looks a lot easier!

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