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by Cath
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I’ve migrated the old blog from “Dreamy Colours” to “Random Cath”. Why the change? Crafts are not so important in my life at this moment and I don’t want to feel pressured in writing about a single topic. However I still wanted to blog again, I miss writing, showing off my photographs (like this one) and I feel the need to document what’s going around my brain. The name “Random Cath” defines me completely, I’m always changing interests and always thinking about multiple things at once. Advantages? Lots of ideas! Disadvantages? My work takes up most of my life and I only do a tenth of I want to do.
The last time I posted, I had just moved to a apartment to live by myself, it has been 4 years since then! It has been an interesting path. About a year ago, it started to belong to my boyfriend as well who moved in. I hope I have the opportunity to show a little bit about what I love in this apartment.
It’s difficult in a few words to describe everything that happened, how I changed. I’ll let the blog slowly reveal who I am now.

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