Guest Post: Cheap Scrapbooking

Katie is super crafty! She’s got an amazing blog, you should check it out! I love that her posts are always full of energy and she does lots of things, when I read her blog it’s like it’s impossible to get tired! I’ll leave you with her:

Hey there, I’m Katie from the blog Punk Projects where I post Craft Tutorials, Art Inspiration, Scrapbooking Layouts and little peeks into my life!

I’m super happy that Cath asked me to a guest post, and since on of my favorite things to do is scrapbooking I decided to do a little DIY on creating a scrapbook layout without really using any of those expensive scrapbook embellishments!

Supplies: Paper, Picture, Magazine, Misc Embellishments
1. Find a cute page in a magazine that you think would go with your scrapbook layout- I found a page full of these AH-mazing cameras (I think it was in an Urban Outfitters catalog)
Although it doesn’t have to be shapes- You could trying cutting out different words you like. 😉

2. Cut out the shapes/words you want.

and use them in place of scrapbook stickers!

What do you think? Is this a technique you use???

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