The Best Day Ever!

Yesterday was like the best day ever! It started badly but it end up being just awesome! Before waking up I was dreaming that in two courses that I had failed for something pretty small, but still failed. Then I had a driving lesson that went terribly wrong, when I start to make something bad when I’m driving I end up being very distracted and start messing up everything (I’m scared as hell that it may happen in my exam). After lunch the grades from one course came out and I passed! Which is totally amazing because it’s physics related and I really hate anything related to it, I knew if I studied more for the next exam I’ll be able to do it but I really didn’t want to study this boring thing again. Then in the end of the afternoon I went to play handball and although I didn’t do much, I don’t play well and was just in the team because they needed a girl and all I did was running back and forth but we won the championship 😀 And after that, before the dinner the grades from another course came out! And I don’t know how but I passed! It was the course I was pretty sure that I was going to fail and only be able to do it next year but I’m glad it’s done! Seems like I’m not carrying a huge burden anymore and I feel just amazing!
When I was home I did lots of things so I’m hoping to post them pretty soon! For now I just wanted to share my joy with all of you e show you a program that I’ve been playing with: it’s Pola and it makes polaroid of a normal photo just for you! There’s also Poladroid but since I use linux I can’t use it. I don’t know which one is best but play around with it! They’re both awesome. Me and my brother and a photo I took of a beautiful daisy:

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