Lágrimas de Felicidade

I’m really happy to give you this news! I opened my shop 🙂 For now I only have purple earrings, but orange, yellow and pink earrings just need to be photographed and at max tomorrow will be there! I’m really excited to have it finally open! I hope you like them.

Why tears of happiness? Because I registered love-tears.net a few years ago and one thing that always happens is people tend to think that they’re sad tears but they’re not, they’re tears of joy, family love. Just wanted to say that love-tears was meant to be a happy name.
Happy Easter!

1 thought on “Lágrimas de Felicidade

  1. O quê? Uma loja? Onde? On-line???
    Estive tão ocupada com visitas em casa ( que só se foram hoje embora) que nem pude ir ao atelier, mas espero ter ainda uma oportunidade mais tarde.

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