First of all I promised a post Monday and never got the time to write it so I’ll start not to make promises 🙂
One of my goals in my 19 before 20 list was to try geocaching. I discovered the idea in 2007 (time flies!) and registered in the website but never really tried. So this year I decided that I’d try geocaching, it’s such an interesting concept! If you don’t know what it is check out their website, it’s easier than me trying to explain it!
So Sunday I really needed to get rid from all the stress I’ve been feeling and since my parents wanted to go to Mira D’Aire get some rosemary roots to plant here in our garden, I couldn’t have asked a better opportunity to try geocaching. So after lunch we left our house 🙂
Arriving at Mira D’Aire:

With our gps guiding us, we discovered this amazing place! It’s so well hidden, I’m guessing not many people know about it, it’s like a little treasure hidden away from our eyes. Just above us it’s a road where I bet a lot of people pass everyday! Really surprised me this place! My parents walking discovering the place, really like this photo:

And then after exploring a little bit the place we started to find the cache, but since it was our first time and we didn’t know how to use the gps better to our advantage I think we looked for the cache for a long time, about one hour perhaps? After real hard searching we finally found it! I was totally thrilled 🙂

My first geocache! Amazing 🙂 Me writing in the logbook and holding the cache:

It was truly wonderful! I had so much fun and it was great spending some time with my family like that! After finding the cache, we left to get some rosemary, I’m just going to leave you with this photo from the place, it doesn’t do it justice, but I hope it shows a little bit its magic!

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